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Program Latihan Khidmat Negara – National Service


Program Khidmat Negara akan dilaksanakan bagi mencapai objektif yang telah digariskan seperti berikut:

  1. Meningkatkan semangat patriotisme di kalangan generasi muda.
  2. Memupuk perpaduan kaum serta integrasi nasional.
  3. Membentuk perwatakan positif menerusi nilai-nilai murni.
  4. Menyemarakkan semangat kesukarelaan.
  5. Melahirkan generasi muda yang lebih cergas,cerdas dan penuh keyakinan diri.


Menjadikan sebuah organisasi yang terunggul dalam membantu remaja agar bersemangat waja.

Berkeyakinan diri, setia kepada negara, sentiasa bersedia menghadapi sebarang cabaran dan dugaan kearah memupuk kerjasama dan perpaduan di kalangan pelbagai kaum di negara ini.


Berhasrat menjadi organisasi utama yang membentuk generasi berdisiplin, setia kepada negara,bersemangat waja,berperwatakan positif dan cintakan perpaduan.

Membuat kajian keberkesanan mengenai Program Latihan Khidmat Negara sejajar dengan objektif dan matlamat negara.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~English Translation~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


The following are the objectif of having this National Service :

  1. Increase patriotism among the young generation
  2. Instill racial unity and national integration
  3. Develop a positive characteristic through moral values
  4. Enhance the spirit of volunteerism
  5. Create a physically and mentally fitter generation filled with confidence


To be the best organisation in helping teenagers to have an indomitable spirit
Self confidence, loyal to the country, always ready to face any challenges on the road to instill multi racial unity and cooperation in this country.


Wish to be the main organisation that creates a disciplined generation, loyal to the country, has an indomitable spirit, has a positif outlook and love for unity.


The following is taken from the Malay Mail newspaper on the 8th of June 2009, that is 5 days ago.

NS says “no” to Mat Rempit

SUGGESTIONS that the Mat Rempit undergo National Service (NS), has been rejected by the NS Training Department, with its director-general Mr. A saying the programme was not suitable for the motorcycle thugs.

The objective of the NS, he said, was to enhance unity among the multi-racial communities, build character and positive characteristics (like stated above) among the younger generation through good values. It is not a place to correct or rehabilitate Mat Rempit.

“To me, the NS has been successful because 80 to 85 percent of the modules used have achieved their objective and that is why many have suggested to include the Mat Rempit in the programme,” Mr. A said at the passing out ceremony for the second batch of trainees who completed their service at Cancun Park Camp in Pasir Mas, Kelantan, yesterday.


No Idea what Mat Rempits are?

Go here. And, I am talking about Malaysian’s term for Mat rempit.

With all the problems they caused, NS should be a good place for them to “rehabilitate”, learn from their mistakes.

Most of these Mat rempit are teenagers. Teenagers who do not perform well in school.

With the lack of focus on extracuricular activities in schools, these teenagers do not find school interesting.

Futhermore, in our society, those who perform well in their studies are only those who are looked up on and to those who don’t, vice versa.

Imagine yourself being looked down by the teachers everyday you go to school in every lesson. It IS hell.

Most teachers nowadays get motivated to help the good students (good students here means well behaved, class performing students) get better while leaving the not good students (you get the idea plus most of them have family background problems) to rot in their coner of their class.

These type of students gather together (cause they have no other companions. Due to the adults’ attitude, even most good students shun them) and form groups. They consider each other brothers or/and sisters since they have only themselves.

Thus, gangsterism, Mat Rempits and all sorts appear.

And, what happens when these groups are caught and punished for what their live’s path forced them to do?

They do not learn. They need to be taught that even though they have take such a path in their live, there is still time to turn around and change. That’s why NS is available right?

Why spend more money building rehabilation centres and hiring consultants and so on when NS is available?

Isn’t the NS’s objective, vision and mission are suitable for turning these kids around?

To solve these social problems that are mounting up day by day in our country, we have to solve them at the root.

No use to keep taking panadols to cure the headache if you are going to get the headache again.

Might as well improve on your body’s immune system to fend of headache once and for all.



4 Responses

  1. what website plkn,i want to check my ic

  2. http://khidmat-negara.net/plkn/index.php?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=28

    Whoever you are, this is it. Hope you get what you want.

    I wanted to go but I was not chosen.

    So unlucky!



  4. hi, do you have any idea how can i change from 3rd batch to 1st batch as it’s affecting my studies already, i really do need some assisstance.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH, ur reply would be much appreciated

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